Why is the.pylot not spending all of my budget (on a single trade)?

the.pylot is splitting your total budget between trades to achieve greater profits overall, lower opportunity costs and to minimize risk through diversification.

Not all entered trades go according to plan, especially not immediately. As an example, imagine we would spend the total budget on one specific coin and that coin just does not move for a month (or just too slow to make any substantial profit). Now you would be stuck with that one trade and would not have the opportunity to make profits with other coins or trades.

Furthermore, if that coin runs into our Stop-Loss settings, you would have lost a large amount of your budget. Therefore, splitting your budget decreases the risk and loss of opportunities.

As well, with compounding / re-investing active, every small trade will increase the budget that the.pylot can use for future trades, therefore increasing your overall possible profits also. With full-budget trades, you would need to wait a much longer time for that to happen.