Why do I not have the same trades as other users?

There are several reasons for not having the exact same trades as other users:

– You have a different risk level. The setting “Low Risk” will always have more trades than the “Lower Risk” or “Lowest Risk” settings, as those include more factors (buy indicators) that need to be met before entering a trade

– You have a different base currency. Usually, as an example, when a coin goes up or down against BTC, it does the same for ETH – but certainly not always and most definitely not with the same percentage or ratio. Therefore your trades are always base currency specific.

– You don’t have any available budget. If you already have a lot of open trades, you might not have enough available budget to enter another new trade, as it is tied to those other trades. the.pylot will continue to enter new trades as soon as some of them are closed.

– There might have been price changes / price movements. This scenario is rather unlikely, but sometimes the.pylot system needs some time to execute trades (mainly due to API delays or errors of exchanges). If there are rapid price movements during that delay, the assumed buy price might not be available or might not fall under your specific risk level anymore.