Plans & Pricing currently offers two distinctive subscription plans: the.pylot and junior.pylot. The only differences between those two plans are the possible maximum trading budget and the monthly fee.

Our junior.pylot plan, catering to smaller and entry-level cryptocurrency traders, allows a maximum of $500 (and cryptocurrency equivalent value, according to real-time market rate) trading budget. The monthly fee is $17.00.

the.pylot is our signature plan. It currently features an unlimited trading budget and only costs $47.00 per month.

New Subscriptions

We also offer discounted 3-month and 1-year subscription plans. If you decide for a 3-month pre-paid subscription, you will get an additional week (7 days) for free. Purchasing a 1-year pre-paid subscription will even get you 2 months for free. Yes, that’s right. You’re paying for 12 months but you’re actually getting 14 months worth of fully-automatic trading.