New Features & Changes  – Mid October Development Updates

Development Updates Oct 2018

Your favorite fully-automatic cryptocurrency trading engine has received some updates & changes. Have a look at what’s new, we promise to keep it short.

New Subscriptions

We are now offering 3-month and 1-year subscriptions for both of our plans, the.pylot and junior.pylot. If you are deciding to pay for 3 months in advance, you will get an additional week (7 days) for free on top and if you are convinced enough to purchase a 1-year subscription, we are giving you full 2 months (60 days) for free. That means you are getting 14 months for the price of only 12 months. We know, it’s outrageous!

New Subscriptions

PayPal Payment

It is now possible to pay your subscription with your preferred fiat currency (USD, EUR, GBP and more) through PayPal instead of with cryptocurrencies. Just select the PayPal icon during the checkout process as seen in the picture below (the payment provider still is

Pay with PayPal

Budget Changes

While increasing your budget, the.pylot previously just checked your actual available balance (in your base currency) on Binance, which often resulted in a “You don’t have enough budget” notification.

Now it is also considering the budget that’s invested in open positions, therefore your increased, new total budget can include all of your available funds. Also, the.pylot will now be able to open new positions with your newly added budget, thereby increasing the total number of trades that can be open simultaneously.

We’ve also added a “Maximum” button within the budget settings, which will show you exactly how much trading budget you can assign to the.pylot.

Maximum Button


Everyone should now be able to see their correct earnings within our referral system.

As well, we’ve added a simple withdrawal form to conveniently request your payment at any time. It also shows your current balance available for withdrawal.

Withdraw Referral Earnings

Additional Changes

– Our Dashboard & Exchanges pages are now correctly displaying your exchange balance in your selected base trading currency.
– Purchasing a subscription while your Free Trial is still active should now work without any problems.
– Weekly performance reports are being sent our correctly now.

That’s it. Enjoy your even easier trading experience!

the.pylot team

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