A look inside the.pylot: TLDR for September 2018

TLDR Sep 2018

September was an eventful month for the.pylot. Here’s what you might have missed.

Public Launch

the.pylot has been officially launched for the public on September 7th and we’ve decided to give our loyal beta testers free lifetime accounts. Read more about it here.

Affiliate / Referral Program Launch

It is now possible to recommend the.pylot to friends & family and earn 15% with each purchase, even if you’re not actively using the.pylot yourself. You can find the referral system within your account here.

Just copy your link and send it to your friends to start earning. We’ve also added a few standard-size banners in case you are having a blog or website.

Free Trial

We have introduced a Free Trial period for the.pylot. The first 10 (closed) trades are on us, so everyone can give it a try without any risk. Start your free trial.

Winning Streak

the.pylot has traded without a single lost trade since September 12th. That’s 300+ winning trades in September in a row and 350+ until today. To celebrate this, we’re giving away a 1-Year Subscription for the.pylot on our Facebook page. Have a look, it’s easy to participate!

Trading & Assets Statistics

In September 2018, 88.20% of all trades the.pylot entered were profitable (441 / 500).

By the end of September, users allocated the following budgets for the.pylot to trade with:

BTC 3.025
ETH 1.34
BNB 128.72

The best trades were GAS / BTC with an ROI of 55.17%, followed by MFT / BNB with an ROI of 41.93%.

We think, that’s quite an accomplishment and would appreciate a round of applause if you like those numbers.

the.pylot team

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