A look inside the.pylot: TLDR for October 2018

Statistics October 2018

the.pylot was able to grow at an amazing rate in users and managed assets. As well, we’ve introduced some new features you might have missed. Here’s the TLDR.

The junior.pylot

We have launched a plan tailored to smaller traders and for users who would like to test the.pylot further, after our free trial period. The junior.pylot. It has a limited trading budget of $500 (and crypto equivalents according to market rates) and costs only $17 per month.

New Subscriptions

It is now possible to pay your subscription for 3 months or even 1 year in advance for both plans, the.pylot and the junior.pylot. Deciding for a 3-month subscription will give you 7 days for free on top and purchasing a 1-year subscription adds a full two months, which effectively reduces your monthly cost to $40 instead of $47 for the.pylot and to $14.50 instead of $17 for the junior.pylot.

PayPal Payments

We now accept PayPal payments directly through coinpayments.net, for everyone who would rather use their cryptocurrency balances to trade, than paying for our subscription with it.

Trading & Assets Statistics

And now, what you’ve been waiting for, our monthly, transparent statistics that we’ve just finalized.


In October 2018, 95.84% of all trades closed by the.pylot were profitable (1,407 / 1,468), with an average ROI of 2.59% per trade.

Winning Trades
Avg. ROI
+ 2.59%

That’s an improvement over September by 7.64% in absolute numbers.

The longest winning streak in October 2018 was 800+ trades long, without a single loss.

The best 3 trades (by ROI) were:

+ 29.61%
+ 8.59%
+ 7.67%


By the end of October 2018, users allocated the following budgets for the.pylot to trade with:

+ 1,677.48%
+ 4,876,12%
+ 417,60%
+ 474,51%

That means, the.pylot managed around $370,000 of trading budgets by the end of October 2018, based on todays’ market prices. Compared to September, that’s an increase of approximately $350,000 (+ 1,750,00%).


With 82 newly registered, active users (connected to the Binance API), the average new trading budget per user was around $4,250.00.
The highest ROI for a single user was 22.75%, which is slightly less than last month (24.81%).

We hope you like, or even better love, those numbers. We certainly do.

the.pylot team

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