How does your Free Trial work?

Unlike other services, our Free Trial is not based on a specific time but on successfully closed trades. Until 10 trades are closed, the.pylot will keep entering new positions. There’s no limit to how many trades the.pylot will open during the Free Trial. As well, there’s no trading budget limit (as with the junior.pylot). The average duration of our Free Trial is 3 – 5 days and usually it ends with a 2 – 3% ROI, depending on your base currency and selected risk level.

What happens after the Free Trial?

After 10 trades were successfully closed, you will have limited access to your dashboard until you purchase a paid subscription. You will only be able to see your Referral / Affiliate system & the different subscription options that we offer. Also, the.pylot will stop entering new positions / trades.

Don’t worry about your open trades though, the.pylot will keep monitoring them and sell them with a profit according to our algorithm, just like your previous trades that were open & closed during the Free Trial period.