the.pylot explains: Setting up the.pylot for automatic trading

Step 6: Setting up the.pylot for automatic Bitcoin trading

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We are almost done and this is probably the easiest part: Setting up the.pylot for automatic trading.

The first step of this initial setup is to enter the API-Key and Secret that we’ve created before. Please do so and click on “Next”.

After that, we will have to set your base currency & budget. The base currency is what you want the.pylot to trade with or the currency that you want to increase through trading. As we’ve just purchased Bitcoin in the previous video, please set it to BTC accordingly.

Next, please enter your budget. This of course depends on how many Bitcoins you’ve previously purchased. You can enter any number above 0.01, which is the minimum required for the.pylot. To use all of your balance, simply click the “Maximum” button.

The last setting on this page is how you want to handle your profits. If you select “Yes”, your profits will always be added to your trading budget, so that the next trade made will use a higher budget than before. This is called compounding or reinvesting.

If you select “No”, the.pylot will always just use the budget from the previous setting and won’t increase it. Therefore you can decide what you want to do with the profits afterwards

Just click on “Save” and you’re all set. the.pylot is now ready to start trading and will begin to scan the market for the best buying opportunities.

Enjoy your profits & please see the link above for the most frequently asked questions & answers.

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