the.pylot explains: Getting your Bitcoin wallet address

Step 2: Getting your Bitcoin wallet address from Binance

Your wallets / balances on Binance

Now that you have a Binance account, you automatically have a so-called trading wallet for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. To buy Bitcoin and start trading with the.pylot, you will need to find out what your Bitcoin wallet address on Binance is. To do so, log into your Binance account and go to “Funds” on the top right and click “Balances”, or find the direct link above.

After that, there will be a list of different cryptocurrencies. Find Bitcoin / BTC and click on the “Deposit” button next to it.

On the new page, locate your “BTC Deposit Address” and click on “Copy Address”. This is the cryptic address information that Bitcoin uses for transactions. You will need it for the next video, where we will show you how to buy your first Bitcoin.

Step 3: Buying Bitcoin & sending it to your Binance Bitcoin wallet
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