the.pylot explains: Creating a Binance API-Key

Step 4: Creating a Binance API-Key for the.pylot

Direct link to Binance API

A so-called API, or application programming interface, is necessary for two different applications to talk to each other and exchange data. To connect the.pylot to your Binance account and trade on your behalf, you therefore need an API-Key.

To create an API-Key, which we will use in the next videos, log into your Binance account, and find the section “API” on your user center homepage. Click the button “Enable” to create your first API-Key. You can also find the direct link to this below the video.

Start by entering a label or name for your API-Key, for example thepylot. Click on the button “Create new key” afterwards. Binance will now ask you, to enter the 2-Factor Authentication code from your Google Authenticator app. Please do so.

After that, Binance will send you an email to confirm the creation of a new API-Key, which will look like this.

Binance API Confirmation

Please confirm that.

On the new page that will open, Binance will confirm that it has created a new API-Key and it will show you two cryptic values. The “API-Key” and the “Secret Key”.

Please write those values down somewhere, maybe an empty word document, as we will need them later & Binance will show you the Secret Key only this one time. Please make sure that you don’t copy an empty space at the end of the API or Secret Key.

We now have everything ready to get started with the.pylot.

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