the.pylot explains: Buying Bitcoin & sending it to your wallet

Step 3: Buying Bitcoin & sending it to your Binance Bitcoin wallet

Buy Bitcoin on changelly

There are many ways to buy Bitcoin and of course we can’t cover them all. One of the fastest & most convenient ways is called changelly. changelly allows you to quickly buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with your credit & debit card.

To get started, go to their website through the link above and click on “Buy crypto with credit card”. On the next page, enter your Bitcoin wallet address from before, select USD or EUR from the currency selection and enter for how much you would want to purchase Bitcoin.

Please keep in mind, that the.pylot needs at least 150 DOLLARS or 125 EUROS to trade with and there are fees associated with your purchase as mentioned on the changelly website.

Click “Continue” and enter your personal details & billing information on the next page. changelly, or Simplex, the used payment provider, will now ask you to verify your phone number & email address. Please do so by entering the 4-digit code you have received on your mobile phone and clicking the confirmation link in the email which looks like this.

simplex verification email

The next click on “Continue” will lead you to the payment & card information that you will need to provide and after that, you will have to go through a quick verification process, to make sure that it’s really you, using this credit card.

After the verification completes, you will get an email from changelly & Simplex that your purchase has been successful. You will also get an email from Binance, stating that a deposit into your Bitcoin wallet has been made.

That’s it, you just bought your first Bitcoin! In the next videos, we will show you how to connect your Binance account with the.pylot to start trading.

Step 4: Creating a Binance API-Key for the.pylot
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