Basic Guide: How to buy BNB (Binance Coin) to pay for trading fees

How to buy BNB

The most convenient way to buy BNB is within the integrated exchange on itself. After signing into your account, simply go to one of the following links, which will bring you directly to the according trading pair within the basic exchange.

If you are holding your account balance in BTC, go to the BNB / BTC trading pair:

If you are holding your account balance in ETH, go to the BNB / ETH trading pair:

If you are holding your account balance in USDT, go to the BNB / USDT trading pair:

The page you are now on should look similar to the following screenshot and we have outlined (in red) the buy & sell options, in this case it is BNB against USDT:

Buy BNB: Select Market Order

Now, the easiest way to immediately buy BNB is to make a market order. This means that your order will be executed for the best possible price that someone else is offering on the exchange right at that moment, so you won’t have to enter a price manually and keep adjusting it in case that fast-moving markets keep changing the price every second. As well, while buying BNB, the price is really not that important as you’re just buying a small amount.

As indicated by the arrow in the above screenshot, please switch to the “Market” tab. What you will see now is that there are fewer options available. Basically you only need to enter the amount of BNB you would want to buy. Typically 1 or 2 BNB will go a long way, but of course it depends on your trading volume.

Most likely, if you are new to cryptocurrencies and you’re doing this for the first time, buying 1 BNB should cover your trading fees for quite some time, as you are only paying a maximum of 0.15% of the value of your trade in fees.

Buy BNB: Select Amount

After clicking the button “Buy BNB”, your order will get executed immediately and you should now own your indicated amount of BNB, which means that your account is ready to pay your trading fees in BNB (Binance Coin).

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