Basic Guide: All you need to know to get started

the.pylot Public Launch

Thank you for joining the.pylot, your fully automatic cryptocurrency trading engine in the cloud. During your Free Trial period, you can test everything for free for 10 trades and we would love to hear your feedback in our Telegram group.

The setup will take you less than a minute and we will guide you through it right now.

Let’s get started!

1) After your initial sign up, you will find a confirmation link to verify your email address in your inbox or junk folder. Please do so.

2) After logging in, our initial setup window will open up.

Initial Setup Welcome

3) After clicking “Next”, you will be asked to enter your Binance API information. Please enter those. You will find the settings to setup your API Key on Binance here.

Please create a brand new key for using the.pylot and DO NOT check the box “Enable Withdrawals”. We don’t need & don’t want to have these permissions and this will ensure that your funds are absolutely safe and we don’t have any access to it.

Connect Exchange Setup

4) The next window will ask about your trading settings.

Base Currency: Determines in which currency the.pylot is supposed to trade to accumulate more of it. As well, your trading budget will be in that currency.

For example: You want to accumulate more BTC, therefore you select BTC as your Base Currency.

the.pylot will now trade your existing BTC against all available pairs on the exchange so that winning trades will increase your BTC balance.

Trading Budget: Determines how much of your selected Base Currency you are willing to trade with. On Binance, the minimum amounts that you would need are BTC 0.01, ETH 0.1, BNB 10 and USDT 100.

the.pylot will be unable to trade for you below those values because of our safe trading strategies which will diversify this budget automatically into several different trades.

Activate Reinvesting / Compounding: Determines if you want to add realized profits to your total Trading Budget or if you want it to stay the same. For example, with activated reinvesting, if you are starting with BTC 1.00 and the.pylot is realizing BTC 0.1 profit, your Trading Budget will increase to BTC 1.1, therefore investing more per trade for future trades.

Currency Setup

5) Finally, the last window will let you define your risk adversity. By default, all the.pylot trades are low risk. That’s why you won’t find a typical classification like “High, Medium, Low” but “Low, Lower, Lowest”.

We would usually recommend “Low Risk” as the preferred setting for most users, while “Lowest Risk” adds another layer of protection by splitting your budget into even more trades. This will, based on our internal testing, result in almost 99% winning trades in the long run, but as the invested budget is extremely low, decrease the overall profitability related to your total trading budget.

6) That’s it. Save your settings and the.pylot will automatically start trading. You will see the performance of your trades on the dashboard soon after.

We hope you are enjoying this super simple setup and will have a lot of trading success with the.pylot. Don’t forget to tell your friends about it.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to join our Telegram group and ask.

the.pylot team

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