Public launch of the.pylot – Free, lifetime accounts for beta testers

the.pylot Public Launch

the.pylot is a smart & autonomous cryptocurrency trading bot, based on a perfectly balanced strategy between safety & profitability.

Public Launch

the.pylot is finally ready for its public launch. After developing our trading algorithm and backend platform for over a year and holding a private beta for over a month with 20+ participants, we’ve fine-tuned our systems and released our full website to the public.

Fully Automatic. In the cloud.

Get ready for takeoff & just enjoy the ride. the.pylot runs autonomously in the cloud, based on plenty of technical indicators and market sentiment.

No ICO. No Token. No BS.

Just a working service without needing to wait for always delayed roadmaps. We have developed the.pylot for ourselves & are actively using it to trade

Live Results, real-world proof.

Non-verifiable screenshots, fake user reviews & manufactured past profits. Not with the.pylot. We provide all of our live trades & managed portfolio history.

Instant Setup

Connect your preferred exchange, set your budget & base currency, select your risk adversity and you’re ready to go. That’s our famous one-minute setup.

Emotionless Trading

the.pylot is constantly monitoring the cryptocurrency markets, looking for the best buying opportunities and executes them automatically. It is immune to FUD & FOMO, therefore will make the optimal trading decisions for you.

All you need to do is connect your exchange, select your base currency, set your budget and choose your preferred risk-level. the.pylot will do everything else for you.

Forever free accounts for beta testers

We are very grateful for everyone helping us along the way and reporting bugs to us, therefore everyone who actively tested the.pylot during our closed beta, will keep their beta account for free, LIFETIME.


the.pylot is offered for $47 per month, to be paid via The subscription will not automatically renew. Traditional methods of payment with discounts for longer subscriptions (e.g. yearly plan) will follow soon.

What is next?

Our referral / affiliate system will be up & running very soon, so you can recommend the.pylot to friends and earn money while doing it. More details coming soon.

We will offer the opportunity to create demo accounts, which will be fully functional, except for the actual trade execution on exchanges. Based on that, you can make an informed decision if the.pylot is valuable to you.

Furthermore, more exchanges are about to be launched. Currently, we are only supporting Binance, as it is the largest cryptocurrency exchange.

See our latest live trades and get started with the.pylot on our official website.

Join our Telegram group for any questions you might have.

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